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Our proposal to start Indian School Cricket League (ISCL) with the kind approval of ITCF India and we are involve in this league i.e. CBSE/ICSEI/KENDERYA VIDYALA /STATE EDUCATION BAORDS. ISCL Official SCHOOL league of Indian Twenty20 Cricket Federation (ITCF India) the above said school league will be telecast on DD Sports National Sports channel of India. The selection of players will be based on trials from all the school under said boards In this league total eight (8) will participated in ISCL .The age eligibility & criteria for players are 12 year to 19 years and player must student of school.

  • Indian School T20 Cricket League (ISCL) Official School league of Indian Twenty20TM Cricket Federation®&© (ITCF IndiaTM)
General Information

Our Federation has been promoting Twenty20TM Cricket in India since 2001. Our federation organizes Twenty20TM National events without any ill motive behind it and only to promote and develop the game of Twenty20TM Cricket for men and boys from grass-root level in India so as to provide right opportunity to small time players from poor back- ground. We have our own rules and regulations of Twenty20TM Cricket (20 over game) and Twenty 20 Innings Cricket (40 over game) 20+20 over’s for both inning of each side total of Four innings Total over’s 80 and also we have our own Twenty20TM Cricket legal/official infrastructure in India. Here we would also like to bring your kind notice that we have been aiming to form cricket teams Comprising those talented cricket players who have not been able to make it big or have been left out from the state/city or national squads.


ITCF India main aim to give Indian schools right respect in the field of cricket where they promote their school name & branding & school cricket players through cricket i.e. “ISCL” We wish to bring to your kind notice that in India thousands of all level schools teams are playing cricket but golden opportunities are less and hidden talents are surplus. India is a big country for playing cricket where cricket is a religion & unofficially national game, India cricket all most produce by Indian schools. India is a big country for playing cricket where cricket is a religion & unofficially national game, in our country all players comes from schools and schools are the basic nursery for cricket . All the Indian schools are taking part in its sports activities (Cricket) but due to no official platform Schools are not getting the right respect.

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